Friday, January 06, 2006

2006 Begins

As humans we like to categorize and group things. We often come up with artificial containers to use to group items in our life. The year is always a nice way to chronologically group events in our lives. 2005 was a good year or a bad year. 2006 will be better or worse.

The reality of it is that the 365 day period comprising a year is an artificial container. What was good or bad during that time was probably affected by events and decisions made many many years in the past. The outcome of all of these events was the year 2005.

2005 was a terrible year for me. My love relationship of several years ended in 2005. I had 2 businesses fail in 2005. I gave up one career path, and started on another. I suffered some extreme financial difficulties.

But all of these things are the result of decisions and events that occured much farther back in the past. And I take complete responsibility for getting to where I am today.

And a couple of really great things happened in 2005.

We resolve to do new things each year, because it fits so nicely in the container. This year I resolve to ..... Keep a blog, eat better, exercise more, examine my spirituality, spend more quality time with my kids.


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