Saturday, January 21, 2006


Reading what I've written thus far, it sounds like I am a complete loser and deadbeat. But that's not the case by any means.

My purpose in what I've written so far is to set up the reader, so that they understand that right now I'm at a bottom in my life.

I am an optimist. I am a doer. I believe in myself, and I believe in my future success.

So far in my life, I have been in the military. I was promoted ahead of my peers in every rank for 13 years.

When I got out of the Air Force, I started a consulting company. While I have put it to bed for now, at it's peak, it grossed 250,000 a year. I was living large at that time, as they say. I am proud of the success of that business.

In 2004, I started a used bookstore and coffee house. That too, has been put to bed. But it has always been a great dream of mine to start my own business, and just having the doors open to paying customers for a little while was a fantastic reality.

Soon I want to start another business. I am looking at a trucking company or else a pizza/sub shop. I am just starting to put my thoughts on paper for these. I hope to meet a wonderful girl who wants to share my dreams on these, and put our efforts into this. That's my dream for the future. And God willing, it will happen.

There are so many great things going to happen in my life in the next few years. I am excited about it. I hope I can find the right girl to share this with.


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